Best 3 Places To Buy Delicious Reception Candy Sticks

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Are you searching for the best places online to buy reception candy sticks?

They’re super hard to find!

The original creator of reception candy sticks – Bogdon’s Candy Co – and the factory he built in the mid 1900’s to create them in 100-pound batches are no more.

So what are your options today? Most places that sell the original Bogdon’s reception candy sticks are either out of stock or simply discontinued.

BUT…you can still find them at one or two places. Here are the best places that still sell reception candy sticks and a couple of alternatives for you to check out.



Original Bogdon’s reception candy sticks
Update: Dec 2022 – Amazon is now SOLD OUT of Bogdon’s Peppermint Sticks. You can’t buy them online, anywhere.

Click HERE for the next best option on Amazon (that’s pretty darn YUMMY too).

Bogdon’s Old Fashioned Peppermint Sticks Tub

On Amazon
Original Reception Candy Sticks
The only place that still sells and stocks Bogdon’s reception sticks! STOCK UP.

So out of all the places online, Amazon comes through again and has an 8-ounce tub with hundreds of top rated reviews.

It’s not made from Bogdon’s Candy or Bogdon’s Chocolates, it’s Bogdon’s Confections – I’m not sure if another company bought them out but kept the name.

They’re all-natural and each peppermint stick is dipped in rich dark chocolate and individually sealed for freshness.

Best Places To Buy Delicious Reception Candy Sticks - Bogdon's Confections
Bogdon’s Peppermint Reception Candy Poles

Now, you might get a bit of sticker shock when you see the price.

They’re expensive, but that’s because they’re so rare and hard to find. Not just locally, but on the entire internet. You’re buying just one tub here, not a case!

Each stick in about 3-4 inches long and you’ll get about 65 sticks per tub.

BUY: Check out more information on these peppermint reception sticks by Bogdon’s and order your own on their Amazon page here.


World Market

The best place to buy reception candy sticks

Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Poles Tub

Top Rated
Great price and top rated. This is your best option for reception candy sticks.

Your other option for authentic reception candy sticks is from Cost Plus World Market.

They’re called cinnamon poles and feature all natural candy sticks, dipped in a dark chocolate candy coating.

These are awesome stirred into hot chocolate, your favorite espresso style drinks like lattes and of course just eaten on their own.

Best Places To Buy Delicious Reception Candy Sticks - Roses Cinnamon Poles
Roses Brand Chocolate Enrobed Cinnamon Poles

Here’s the thing, though – you can only buy these from World Market and they are only available in-store. You can’t get them delivered. Their stores are sometimes called “Cost Plus World Market”.

Here’s a link to a Google Maps search to see if you have one nearby.

Oh Nuts! used to make their own reception candy sticks in a variety of flavors like sugar cookie, orange, strawberry and mint, but they’ve stopped now and aren’t planning on bringing them back.

These reception candy sticks are a bit spicy, so if that’s not your thing, go for the peppermint reception candy sticks from Amazon.

I wanted to show you some alternatives to reception sticks that are sort of like the original treats you love. They’re not an exact alternative, but they’re close and taste great.

Nestle Quality Street Matchmakers – Cool Mint

On Amazon
Delicious milk chocolate mint flavor
Chocolate enrobed mint candy sticks.

These candy sticks feature crunchy mint pieces covered in a blend of milk and dark chocolate. They’re also free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Made in the Yorkshire town of Halifax, they’re popular in the UK and have been around since 1936.

BUY: Check out more information about these Quality Street Matchmakers and order your own candy sticks on their Amazon page here.

Nestle Quality Street Matchmakers – Zingy Orange

On Amazon
Must try!
An awesome orange chocolate combination that’ll have you coming back for just one more.

These are the same type of candy sticks as the mint ones above, but with unique and delicious zingy orange flavor. It’s still free from artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives and is top rated and reviewed.

Try adding one or two of these to hot chocolate for a unique twist on a classic comfort.

You’ll find these on sale from time to time too by as much as 50%.

BUY: Check out more information on these chocolate covered candy sticks by Nestle and order your own box or two on their Amazon page here.


So there you have it.

The only two places in existence that stock and sell reception candy sticks. Out of the two, I’d recommend Cost Plus World Market – they’re much cheaper, but the down side is that you can’t get them shipped. You’ll have to find a store nearby your home.

If that’s not an option, or you want to send someone a treat, Amazon is your only choice that will ship reception candy sticks. They’re available on Prime shipping too, so you can get them delivered in two days to most places in the US.

The alternatives on Amazon I’ve suggested are great tasting – but they don’t have the candy inside, it’s more of a blend of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and mint or orange.

Don’t wait on buying, these reception candy sticks are quickly becoming extinct.

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