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Marzipan is a unique treat – not only is it delicious, but it can be sculpted and molded into shapes that mimic real life objects.

It’s flavor is almost a buttery almond, but it can be transformed easily depending on what the confectioners want to create.

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Check out this roundup of the best places online to buy gourmet marzipan candies.


The Swiss Colony

Best overall marzipan candy for delivery

Marzipan Fruit Tray

Super highly rated by 350+ people.

This is one of The Swiss Colony’s most popular items and features beautifully decorated, handmade marzipan fruits.

The marzipan is made by The Swiss Colony and they go out of their way to only select the most premium almonds for an incomparable taste and texture.

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - the Swiss colony
The Swiss Colony Marzipan Fruit Candies

Over 350+ people have rated this marzipan fruit tray an average of 4.4/5 stars, with 295 of those ratings being a solid 5/5.

BUY: Check out more information on The Swiss Colony and order your own marzipan fruit tray for delivery on The Swiss Colony’s website here.


Oh! Nuts

Fresh marzipan delivered nationwide

Fruit seems to be the *thing* to make with marzipan and this gift box from Oh! Nuts is a great example of how versatile it is. On first glance you might not realize that the fruits aren’t….fruits!

The confectioners at Oh! Nuts have made the marzipan into peaches, lemons, limes, oranges, mangos and strawberry flavors.

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - oh nuts
Oh! Nuts Marzipan Fruit Candies

More than 100 people have rated and reviewed this marzipan fruit gift box with almost everyone loving what they received. Some reviewers like to buy this as a Christmas tradition, others love that the marzipan candies are bite sized and not overwhelmingly sweet.

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - oh nuts
Oh! Nuts Marzipan Fruit Candies

The reviewers go on to say that the marzipan they received was fresh – something that’s really important, because the flavor of the marzipan tends to diminish as it ages. Fresher is better!

BUY: Check out more information about Oh! Nuts and order your own marzipan fruit gift tray for delivery on the Oh! Nuts website here.


Bergen Marzipan (Amazon)

Perfectly giftable

Assorted Marzipan Fruit Shapes

On Amazon
Premium marzipan transformed into lifelike fruits

You’ve got some great options for marzipan on Amazon, most of them with top ratings. Here are a few that caught my eye and you should check out. Don’t forget you’ll enjoy fast Prime shipping with these marzipan candy options – handy if you need to send someone a gift at the last minute.

So what’s so good about this?

Well, they’re an assorted fruit flavor – made with real fruit juice that’s incorporated into the marzipan. They don’t just look like fruits…they have the fruit flavor too. They’re really like bite sized marzipan candies.

You’ll also enjoy the gift box the marzipan fruits come in – making this an easy gift idea if you know someone that has a thing for marzipan. Each marzipan candy even comes with a daily dose of vitamin c. That makes these healthy! Sort of 🙂

Don’t forget the price is very affordable too (check it here) and it’s shipped using Amazon’s Prime 2-day (or sometimes next or even same day) shipping.

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - bergen marzipan
Bergen Marzipan

Maybe you’re thinking about picking this up to try and get the same marzipan experience when you were younger – it’s a traditional treat and families have been gifting marzipan to each other for decades.

Reviewers comment that they love the taste and texture and it did bring back fond memories of their childhood.

BUY: Check out more information about Bergen Marzipan and order your own marzipan fruit gift tray on their Amazon page here.


Niederegger Marzipan (Amazon)

Milk or dark chocolate covered marzipan

Marzipan Classics

On Amazon
Individually wrapped marzipan treats

This might be the one you’re looking for!

  • Top Rated
  • Affordable
  • Free Prime Delivery
  • Long-time confectioner with decades of experience
  • Amazon’s #1 choice for “Marzipan Chocolate”

So far you’ve just seen top rated fruit marzipan…but when you pair marzipan with chocolate, something magical happens and it somehow elevates the flavor of the marzipan to a new level of deliciousness.

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - Niederegger marzipan
Niederegger Marzipan

Niederegger Marzipan uses 71% Coca dark chocolate in their creations. Each mini marzipan candy bar is drenched in chocolate so it’s completely enrobed. Each piece is then individually wrapped so you can enjoy a piece anytime that’ll always be fresh.

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - Niederegger marzipan
Niederegger Dark Chocolate Marzipan

The dark chocolate helps to balance the sweetness of the marzipan and the individual bars pack a punch.

Each one is overflowing with rich flavor. Perfect with a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of cold milk.

If you’re looking for a bit more of an adventure, Niederegger Marzipan also has a variety pack. They still have moist marzipan and a crunchy chocolate shell, but they also come in an assortment of flavors like:

  • Espresso
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Pistachio
Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - Niederegger marzipan
Niederegger Variety Marzipan Gift Box

You’ll still enjoy free Prime shipping and the price is affordable too – especially for the variety and quality you’re going to get. Over 350+ people have rated the Niederegger variety marzipans an average of 4.5/5.

BUY: Check out more information about Niederegger Marzipan and order your own dark chocolate marzipan candy on their Amazon page here. If you want to see the variety marzipan gift box, check it out on the Amazon page here.



Marzipan potatoes? What!??

Marzipan Potatoes – Made In Germany

On Amazon
Odd name, delicious taste.

And now for something a bit different!

Ok so you’re probably thinking WHAT? Potatoes?

Well, these are marzipan balls, made in Germany and roughly translated – they’re called marzipan potatoes.

It’s a classic treat, especially at Christmas time. There aren’t actually any potatoes in these..just so you know.

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - zenith
Zenith’s Kartoffeln Marzipan

The marzipan balls are dusted with fine cocoa and come with an intense almond flavor. The soft consistency and not-too-sweet flavor makes for a delicious pairing that’s especially good with your favorite hot drink.

The cocoa that’s added onto the marzipan balls is sustainably cultivated, with a special guarantee that the coca was cultivated with nature and the earth in mind.

BUY: Check out more information about these unique marzipan potatoes and order your own for free delivery on their Amazon page here.



Beautifully decorated and delicious

Samari Candi – Variety Marzipan Candies

Gorgeous decorating!

These are perhaps some of the most beautiful and well decorated marzipan candies on this list…and made by an Etsy seller!

With simple ingredients – Dried fruits, Almond extract, Sugar, Almonds, Pistachios and Chocolate – you’ll enjoy the perfectly balanced sweet almond flavor and rich chocolate.

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - Etsy
Samari Candi – Etsy – Marzipan Candies

Reviewers love what they’ve received – exactly like the pictures – and they report the flavors were fantastic too. If you check out the reviews, you’ll see several people commenting it’s the best marzipan they’ve ever had!

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - Etsy
Samari Candi – Etsy – Marzipan Candies

Don’t forget, this marzipan comes in a really nice gift box that’s just begging to be gifted to your favorite person – or yourself.

BUY: Check out more information about Samari Candi and order your own marzipan gift box for delivery on their Etsy page here.


Mrs Cavanaugh’s

The best chocolate covered marzipan candies

Chocolate Marzipan

Luxury chocolate enrobed marzipan with premium ingredients.

A little pricier than the other recommendations on this top list of marzipan, this chocolate variety marzipan gift set is top rated and offers free gift wrap if you’re thinking about sending this to someone.

Mrs. Cavanaugh’s used a simple recipe, but high quality ingredients to create their cream marzipan centers, smothered in rich chocolate.

Choose from a range of occasions for the free gift wrapping:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Just because
  • Valentine
  • Thank You
  • Plain (No specific occasion)
Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - mrs cavanaughs
Chocolate Enrobed Marzipan Candy – Mrs. Cavanaugh’s

You can also add a short free message that’ll be printed on a card and included with the chocolate enrobed marzipan.

Choose the type of chocolate you’d prefer:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Mixed (65% Milk + 35% Dark)

Reviewers love what they received, with several commenting that they loved the milk and dark chocolate combo pack and one saying their “German side” of the family approved of it!

It’s also important to note that reviewers found that the packaging and shipping great and the marzipan chocolate arrived in great condition.

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - mrs cavanaughs
Chocolate Enrobed Marzipan Candy – Mrs. Cavanaugh’s

BUY: Check out more information about Mrs. Cavanaugh’s and order your own milk or dark chocolate covered marzipan candies on their website here.


Vermont Country Store

Lifelike marzipan candies

Marzipan Candy Fruit

Highly rated by 80+ people.

The last marzipan candy for delivery recommendation I have for you today is from a site called The Vermont Country Store. They have all sorts of unique treats, including their top rated marzipan.

It’s 100% made in the US – by a highly regarded candy maker and based on a tried and tested recipe – these candies are made with the finest almonds for the best taste possible.

The marzipan is actually made in copper kettles the old-fashioned way for the best rich, sweet almond flavor. After the marzipan is cooked, it’s moulded into colorful fruits like apples, strawberries, pears, lemons, limes and oranges.

You get a good value, with each box containing about 18 pieces of handmade marzipan candy. The price is right, too.

Best Places Online To Buy Gourmet Marzipan Candies - Vermont country store
Marzipan Fruit Candy – The Vermont Country Store

Several reviewers keep coming back and buying this marzipan every Christmas, saying it has a great taste and were decorated very nicely.

It’s a special treat that can be enjoyed year round.

The marzipan comes in a really nice gift box that’s perfect for gifting to someone. From a distance, the marzipan does look like a box of fruit.

BUY: Check out more information about The Vermont Country Store and order your own marzipan fruit candy for delivery on their website here.


You’ve got some awesome choices when it comes to finding the best marzipan candy for delivery online.

Most of the recommendations you’ve seen are top rated and have multiple reviews from people that loved what they received. The prices do vary – some are cheaper than others – so be sure to check out each one and choose the marzipan candy that best suits your occasion.

The best overall choice for marzipan candy for delivery – especially if it’s for a gift – goes to The Swiss Colony and their marzipan fruit tray.

Over 400+ people have rated it an average 4.4/5 and the marzipan fruits look lifelike. The marzipan is packaged in a nice gift box/tray and can easily be gifted. It’s priced fair at $26 and made from only the choicest premium almonds.

If you like the sound of free shipping, go to Oh! Nuts and check out their fresh gourmet marzipan candy fruits gift box. With 100+ ratings, it’s been tried and tested and the decorating is top notch. People that have bought the marzipan from Oh! Nuts comment that it was fresh and not hard. Marzipan can dry out quickly if it’s not sealed and enjoyed within about a week or two.

Maybe Amazon is your go-to? They sell everything and even gourmet marzipan candies. There are quite a few good options to choose from on Amazon, with the best from Bergen Marzipan and their assorted fruit shape gift box.

It’s priced crazy good (check it here) and has some fantastic reviews.

It also ships with Prime free delivery in two days to most of the US. Perfect for gifting when you’re in a pinch for time as Amazon will take care of the delivery. You also might catch this marzipan fruit candy gift box on sale if you’re lucky.

Worth a look.

Another choice I’d recommend checking out on Amazon are the chocolate coated marzipans from Niederegger Marzipan. You can get a 50/50 mix of dark and milk chocolate enrobed marzipan and each mini-bar comes individually wrapped. This means you’ll get super fresh marzipan as you won’t have to expose the entire marzipan to air (and dry it out) every time you want a piece.

For something a bit adventurous, check out the marzipan potatoes on Amazon. They probably should have come up with a better name, but it’s a direct translation of German (kartoffeln) to English.

There aren’t any potatoes in the marzipan – it’s just that they dust each marzipan ball in coca to give it a potatoe-esk look. Perhaps “cocoa balls” or “marzipan balls” or something would have been a better name..

Still! They’re top rated and imported from Germany. It’s a different idea to the fruit marzipan candies and worth a look if you want to go off the beaten path a bit.

Etsy is full of talented confectioners.

You can find some awesome marzipan candy options. One that really caught my eye was from Samari Candi and their variety marzipan gift box. These are perhaps the most beautifully decorated marzipan candies we discovered.

The ingredients are simple and the reviews are glowing.

This would be perfect for gifting as it comes in a nice box that’s ready to go. You could even have the Etsy shop ship their marzipan candies directly to the lucky recipient if you’re thinking about gifting for birthdays or a thank you.

Chocolate works incredibly well with marzipan. Mrs. Cavanaugh’s have created a gourmet milk and dark chocolate marzipan candy gift box that’s oozing with top rated reviews.

It’s a little more pricier than the other options, but you’re getting a high quality candy that’s made by a long time confectioner.

One difference about Mrs. Cavanaugh’s marzipan candies is that you can choose a free gift wrapping option. From birthdays to anniversaries to thank-yous – they’ll gift wrap the marzipan candies for free. They’ll also include a short message on a card for free, a nice touch especially if you’re on the hunt for a birthday gift. Choose between all milk chocolate, all dark chocolate or a mix of milk and dark chocolate.

Making fruit out of marzipan is popular. Another option for a lifelike marzipan fruit candy is from The Vermont Country Store.

Their marzipan is 100% made in the US and overseen by a highly regarded candy maker that uses a tried and tested recipe. The finest almonds are incorporated into the marzipan for a delicious creamy taste.

The Vermont Country Store is committed to producing authentic, high quality candies. That’s why they use copper kettles and process the ingredients the old fashioned way for the ultimate marzipan flavor you know and love.

Hopefully you’ve found some good inspiration by checking out this article. No matter which marzipan candy you choose, I hope it meets your expectations and you’re thrilled with what you receive!

P.s. Let us know if we’ve missed anything – we’ll check it out and update this article. Thanks for checking it out!

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