BonBonBon Reveals Their Gourmet Valentines Day Truffle Collection

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Hunting for a good Valentines day gift like chocolates? Don’t go to the grocery store and buy the same old stuff everyone gets. Pick up one of BonBonBon’s beautifully decorated gourmet truffle collection and blow your Valentines Day sweetheart away!

You won’t find these at your local Walmart!

Each truffle is hand piped, hand packaged and shipped with utmost care. BonBonBon has worked hard to offer these signature truffle delights and each one is a mini work of art.

This is a 14-piece box and has some incredible flavors, with Valentines day themed names.

  • Rose & Thorn – White pepper spiked rose-infused ganache, rose petal
  • Violets Are Purple – Violet buttercream atop citrus madeleine ganache, mascarpone, lemon zest, violet flower fragments
  • S & M – Strawberries & Mascarpone
  • Black, Like My Heart – Alkalized cocoa powder and Madagascar vanilla ganache
  • Hot Date – Spicy date honey caramel , Pistachio Gianduja, yogurt drizzle , glazed cacao nib chips
  • Fourplay – Sticky toffee white chocolate ganache, caramelized white chocolate, salted caramel, cookies and crispy caramelized sugar
  • Cherry Pop – Luxardo candied Michigan cherry confiture, toasted poppy seed ganache, dried Michigan cherry
  • Nudes – Dark, white and milk chocolate, in the nude
  • Bear Hug – Smoked maple custard caramel ganache, milk truffle vermicelli, dark chocolate bear
  • Honey Buns – Honey bun ganache, buttered honey caramel, gold, bee’s pollen
  • How I Like My Eggs – Egg yolk custard ganache, meringue marshmallow ganache, chocolate “yolk”
  • Cream Dream – Milk tea ganache, milk tea caramel, dark chocolate covered cookie “boba”
  • Family Jewels – Banana ganache, hazelnut praline ganache, hazelnut croquant, pearl sugar
  • No Bone Day – Cornflake cookie ganache, peanut butter fudge caramel, popcorn crumble bone

Just a heads up – if you’re wanting to order these truffles move fast. Out of the three ship weeks originally offered, only one remains for the week of Jan 31st.

Check out more information about BonBonBon and order your luxury Valentines Day truffle collection on their website here.

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