Edible Cookie Dough Specialists DoughP Have 3 New Sizes To Choose From

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If you can’t get enough of cookie dough, you’ll be excited to hear that there’s a company that goes by the name of DoughP who are experts at creating drool worthy EDIBLE cookie dough.

They’ve just launched three new sizes of all their edible cookie dough flavors so you can make sure you’re always stocked up on one of your favorite treats.

Build Your Own 2-Pack

DoughP Dig In 2-Pack

Build Your Own 4-Pack

DoughP Feel Legit 4 Pack

Build Your Own 6-Pack

DoughP Fully Commit 6-Pack

DoughP Flavor Choices

You can choose between these classic flavors:

  • Dunk On ‘Em -Dunkaroo-inspired dough with frosting, rainbow sprinkles and Teddy Graham cookie pieces
  • Cookie Monsta – Blonde cookie dough gone blue with Oreo’s mashed in
  • Ride or Die – The classic chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Brownie Beast – DoughP partnered with ReGrained to bring you a chocolate brownie dough that’s BOMB and pumped up with 2x more protein and 6x more fiber than their other flavors.
DoughP edible cookie dough flavors
Best selling edible cookie dough flavors from DoughP
DoughP how it works ordering and shipping

If you don’t want to commit to a full order, you can always choose a sampler taste test – by the pint or cup – and see if it’s something you’d want to order more of.

Cookie Dough Cup

Select any of their best selling flavors. Makes up to 15 cookies or 27 spoonfuls. Edible raw and bakeable and even half-bakeable! $9.95 ea.

DoughP Cookie Dough Cup
Taste Test one-cup edible cookie dough from DoughP

Cookie Dough Pint

Available in any of their best selling flavors also, makes up to 30 cookies or 57 spoonfuls. Edible raw and bakeable. $14.95 /ea

DoughP Cookie Dough Pint
Taste test one-pint edible cookie dough from DoughP

Secret Cookie Dough Club

DoughP Secret Cookie Dough Club

Something else fun to note, DoughP also has a Secret Cookie Dough Club where you will receive two 16oz pints in unique rotating flavors of DoughP’s edible and bakeable cookie dough.

Maybe that’s all….maybe it’s not!

DoughP Shipping Box
DoughP Shipping Box

This is a fun way to explore new flavors and it’s priced right at $29 per month. What’s better than having edible cookie dough land on your doorstep like clockwork every month????

This would be a STELLAR gift idea. Shipping is free too!

DoughP’s managed to receive 5,000 5-star reviews in the time it’s been creating these delicious dessert wonders, so order with confidence.

Check out all the goodies DoughP has to offer and place your order for some top rated edible and bakeable cookie dough on the DoughP website here.

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