Ethel M Chocolates Reveal Four Limited Edition Chocolate Bars

Ethel M Chocolates Reserve Bars let you experience a whole new world of rich
cocoa intensity.

They’ve revealed four limited edition ultra premium single origin dark chocolate bars that are crafted from a single variety of cacao that comes from the same region.

Ethel M Chocolates Limited Edition Chocolate Bars

This means you can enjoy pure, unparalleled flavor that’s unique to a single part of the globe.

There’s a range of cacao intensity so you can choose the bar that would best suit you, or get the bundle to experience a world tour of chocolate deliciousness.

  • 80 % Cacao Dominican Republic
  • 15% Cacao Philippines
  • 65% Cacao Ghana
  • 62% Cacao Indonedia

Click here to go to Ethel M Chocolates and order your own ultra premium gourmet chocolate bars.

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