10 Gourmet Soda Flavors You Probably Don’t Want To Try

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When you think of soda, you’ll probably think of Coke, Mountain Dew or Sprite.

These flavors have stood the test of time and have always been popular since they were first created.

Something you might not know – there’s a strangely plentiful supply of extra-weird gourmet soda flavors that are absolutely real and ready to be bought.

They’re perhaps not something you’d drink daily, but they are a really fun and out-of-the-box soda drink that you never thought existed. These make awesome, affordable gift ideas too,

Check out some of our favorites, gathered from all corners of the internet and rounded up in a easy to scroll list.


Grass Soda

Fizzy grass madness

Grass Soda Pop From Rocket Fizz

On Amazon
This tastes exactly how you image it, except it’s fizzy…too!

Let’s kick off this weird list by checking out a flavor that is oddly popular on Amazon – GRASS. Now, you might think that the people behind this soda surely didn’t really make it taste like grass?

They did!

If you enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, you will enjoy drinking this soda. Some people that tried this grass soda wished they would sell a 6-pack for more value!

Gourmet soda flavors - Grass
Rocket Fizz – Grass Soda

The company behind the drink is called Rocket Fizz, a small franchise chain of stores that specializes in soda, candy and novelty items. Founded in 2007, they’ve been showcasing awesomely weird treats for well over a decade.

BUY: Check out more information about Rocket Fizz and order grass soda on their Amazon page here.


Ranch Soda

Love ranch? Now you can drink it!

Ranch Soda from Lester’s Fixins

On Amazon
Fizzy ranch soda!

Well, here it is. Ranch Soda. Imagine taking a cup of ranch dressing, pouring it into some seltzer water and stirring it up. Here you go!

Gourmet soda flavors - ranch
Lester’s Fixins – Ranch Dressing Soda

This weird soda has even made appearances on YouTube where people are dared to try it and record their reactions. Not surprisingly, it’s gross!

Still, this is a fun gag gift and is cheap.

BUY: Check out more information about Lester’s Fixings and order your own gourmet ranch soda on their Amazon page here.


Dirt Soda (4-pk)

Earthy mud with an splash of FIZZ

Dirt Soda From Rocket Fizz

On Amazon
Yes, it’s really a bottle of fizzy dirt water.

I don’t know what the recipe looks like for this weird soda and I’m not sure I want to know.

This is exactly what it says – dirt soda – with FIZZ!

I have to admit I’m a tiny, tiny bit curious…what does dirt taste like anyway? Like a muddy earthy nothingness?

Buy this and you’ll find out!

It’s actually a four-pack, so you could split these up and wrap them individually for gifts. I don’t think anyone needs more than one bottle of dirt soda.

Gourmet soda flavors - dirt
Rocket Fizz – Dirt Soda

Rocket Fizz is the company behind this soda and it’s just another weird flavor to add to their collection.

Get this dirt soda delivered to your doorstep in two days with Amazon’s Prime shipping.

What are you waiting for?

BUY: Check out more information about Rocket Fizz and order your own dirt soda on their Amazon page here.


The World’s Most Sour Soda

Your tongue will just shrivel up and die pretty much

Stang! Insanely Sour Soda

On Amazon
Made In America
Fast prime shipping.

Since I’m grossing you out by these flavors, I figured you should see the full range of yuk with this offering.

It’s called the world’s most sour soda and it’s goal is to punch your tastebuds and make your tongue shrivel up into a corner of your mouth and hide.

They’ve used a blue-raspberry flavor and just turned up the sourness to the max!

Gourmet soda flavors - sour blue raspberry
Stang! World’s Most Sour Soda

I love sour blue raspberry ribbon candy, so this might be right up my alley? Maybe I should try it…

Try it yourself!

BUY: Check out more information on Vat19 and their world’s most sour soda on their Amazon page here.


Bacon Soda

Liquid bacon juice with a fizz

Bacon Soda from Lester’s Fixin’s

On Amazon
Fizzy bacon water? YES.

You made it this far scrolling and haven’t bailed on me yet?

Ok, maybe this bottle of WTF? will make you leave.

It’s bacon soda. Nothing more, nothing less!

Just the flavor of bacon, a little sweetness and of course fizzy.

The team at Lester’s Fixings created this soda so that you might actually want to drink it – unlike the other bacon soda knock-offs that are just straight up nasty. The soda even has real cane sugar to sweeten it up.

You can order a 6-pack at a discount – fun for including in gifts as a gag gift (maybe they’ll love it?). It’s been fairly well received by those that have tried it – pretty good for something that has a high potential to be absolutely horrible.

Gourmet soda flavors - bacon
Lester’s Fixins – Bacon Soda

Even though one person found that the bacon burps after drinking this delight were flavoring anything they ate…he still gave it a thumbs up.

It tastes like if you diffuse bacon bits in water for a week and then put them in your Soda Stream.

This flavor was dreamt up by Lester’s Fixings – a name synonymous with weird flavors.

BUY: You can find out more information about Lester’s Fixings and order your own gourmet bacon soda on their Amazon page here.


Pickle Soda

Fizzy pickle juice with a sprinkle of cane sugar

Pickle Soda From Rocket Fizz

On Amazon
Someone, somewhere made this and said…AHH YES.

This might be the least crazy gourmet soda on this list….it’s PICKLE JUICE SODA.

People say it’s delicious, and one person gave it to his kid who happened to LOVE it. Keep in mind that this is soda, not just pickle juice in a bottle.

It’s fizzy and sweetened!

Gourmet soda flavors - pickle
Lester’s Fixins – Pickle Soda

This weird pickle soda makes a fun gift idea or stocking stuffer too. I mean, when was the last time you drank pickle soda?

BUY: Check out more information about Rocket Fizz and order your own gourmet pickle soda on their Amazon page here.


Butter Soda


Butter Soda From Rocket Fizz

On Amazon
This fizzy drink coats your mouth in butter!

Well, here it is. Butter soda.

Popular for gag gifts and you might even enjoy it. Amazon has a 4-pack of this crazy concoction. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can even opt for a 6 or 12 pack.

Gourmet soda flavors - butter soda
Lester’s Fixins – Butter Soda

The butter flavor isn’t really strong, but starts to develop if you swish it around in your mouth when the carbonation goes eventually.

I’m not sure if any of this is a good idea guys…

BUY: Check out more information on Rocket Fizz and order your own 4-pack of butter soda on their Amazon page here.


Enchilada Soda

I dare you to order and try this one

Enchilada Soda from Lester’s Fixins

$2.95 each
It tastes just like you think, but worse.

Well, here we go deeper into the unknown and weird.

Lester’s Fixings have come up with another flavor that will make you do a double take. Butter soda is one thing – and sour blue raspberry soda is almost okay…but this is ENCHILADA soda.

I would love to be in on one of Lester’s new flavor meetings, what’s next! Chicken pot pie soda maybe?

Anyway, this time Lester’s decided to release this flavor and see how many people couldn’t resist to give it a try.

Gourmet soda flavors - enchilada soda
Lester’s Fixins – Enchilada Soda

These really do make some fun and affordable gifts. I mean, you’d have a tiny sip just to try it, right? Just to see if it really does taste like enchiladas.

Knowing Lester’s….I bet it does!

BUY: Check out more information about Lester’s Fixings and order your own gourmet enchilada soda on the Sweet Pete’s website here.


Mustard Soda

Bold flavor to wash down a hotdog?

Mustard Soda By Lester’s Fixins

At VAT19.com
Fizzy sweetened mustard soda. I don’t know what else to say.

There’s not much to say about this other than it tastes like America’s favorite yellow condiment – MUSTARD!

Now, some people get confused and wonder if they should pour this mustard soda on their hotdog, dunk their hotdog into the soda or take a bite of hotdog and then a sip of soda and mix them in their mouth.

Gourmet soda flavors - Mustard Soda
Lester’s Fixins – Mustard Soda

I think any of the options would work well and let you experience the full awesomeness this flavor has to offer.

That is, if you love mustard.

BUY: Check out more information about Lester’s Fixins and order your own gourmet mustard soda on the Vat19 website here.


Outrageous Wild Soda Pop 6-Pack

Awesome fun gift idea!

Crazy Flavor 6-Pack from Lester’s Fixins

On Amazon
Try some best selling wild soda flavors in one convenient 6-pack.

The last crazy flavored sodas I have to show you today is this 6-pack sampler on Amazon.

You’ll get to test 6 of Lester’s best selling wild soda flavors like:

  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Bacon
  • Buffalo Wing
  • Sweet Corn
Gourmet soda flavors - 6 pack
Lester’s Fixins – Wild Gourmet Soda 6 Pack

Someone that tried this said that the bacon flavor made them vomit…yet STILL gave it a great rating. Another person said they were all terrible flavors..and..yup..still gave it a great rating.

Something you might have to try out for yourself I think?

Gourmet soda flavors - 6 pack sweet corn soda
Lester’s Fixins – Wild Gourmet Soda 6 Pack

I think as long as you buy this 6-pack with the forewarning that they probably won’t taste good and are only really good for gags, you’ll do ok.

BUY: Check out more information about Lester’s Fixins and order your own gourmet soda 6-pack on their Amazon page here.


You’ve got some great choices when it comes to shopping for gourmet sodas…or at least crazy wild flavored sodas.

For an easy-going not too strong flavor, try the grass soda. It really mimics the smell of fresh cut grass, but fizzy.

For something familiar, but still weird, the ranch dressing soda might be worth a look. Ranch works with anything, so it might work in a soda too.

For something that just sounds like a bad idea from the start, Rocket Fizz’s dirt soda is the one to try. We couldn’t find any reviews to check out, so I may have to track down a bottle and find out once and for all if this does indeed taste like dirt. If it DOES…then…I’m not sure what to do next other than confirm the picture on the bottle does match the taste.

One gourmet soda option that almost looks ok is from Stang! and their world’s most sour soda.

It comes in a blue raspberry flavor (yum!) and will almost certainly make your mouth feel like it’s just bathed in swimming pool of acid.

Lester’s bacon soda is essentially fizzy bacon juice! Lester’s added real cane sugar to sweeten the soda. Be aware of the bacon burps though, as they might come back to haunt you!

A lot of reviewers for the bacon gourmet soda said they bought it for a gift for bacon lovers. It’s pretty cheap, fun and you can actually drink it without dying….except your tongue might feel like it’s dying when you’re finished drinking.

Another relatively tame gourmet flavor is pickle soda from Rocket Fizz.

Some reviewers hated it – no surprise there. Some reviewers loved it – even going on to say their kids tried it and enjoyed it. ENJOYED.

Want to get a gift for someone that has everything and is impossible to buy for? Get them some butter soda and watch as their brain tried to process what they have in their hands.

It’s not a trick label, the soda tastes like butter. Or is it the butter tastes like soda? You can even upgrade your order from the 4-pack to a 6-pack or even 12-pack.

Maybe grass soda or pickle soda is a bit too tame and unadventerous for you? Or you’re buying for someone that loves to try new foods all the time and experiment?

Get them a bottle of enchilada soda from Lester’s Fixins. The color of it mimics the enchilada sauce that smothers the tortillas perfectly and the savory-sweet taste is something you need to experience (maybe).

If you’re still with me – mustard soda is an option too. I think that sits somewhere in the middle between grass soda and bacon soda.

Finally, a great option to try six different flavors without having to buy them separately is this 6-pack of gourmet sodas from Lester’s Fixins.

You’ll get outrageous flavors like buffalo wings, ranch dressing, peanut butter and jelly, pumpkin pie, sweetcorn and bacon. It’s a really good gag gift and ships free with Amazon’s Prime.

Hopefully you’ve got some great ideas for buying gourmet sodas in all sorts of weird crazy flavors. Amazon offers a lot, but you’ll find a variety at other places online like RocketFizz and online marketplace VAT19.

Let us know which you tried! Maybe you’ll find your new favorite drink :).

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