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7.4 Mouth watering flavor, generous quantity and free delivery, although lengthy.
Excellent flavor
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Ok so this one literally makes your mouth water.

Tart, sour BLUE RASPBERRY belts. Over 150 of them to enjoy!

I don’t want to spoil the ending of the review, but…If you’re a blue raspberry fan, you’re gonna want to get a box of these Sour Power Berry Blue Candy Belts.

BUT…that doesn’t mean there are some issues to point out.

Find out why in a bit.

Let’s first check out where they are on the Amazon store and what other reviewers thought of the sour berry blue belts.

I’m not sure why the sour belt candy makers used berry blue instead of blue raspberry.

I think blue raspberry is more common, but perhaps not in certain places. Which do you use?

Amazon has everything, including not one…but several choices of blue raspberry belts. I picked out the Sour Power Berry Blue candy belts because it’s best selling. I had to see what the buzz was all about.

These ARE sour…I think people aren’t used to how fresh they are. The sourness is at peak level of sourness…before it’s too sour.

It’s a mouth water-er for sure.


The candy is shipped free for Amazon Prime members, but it’s not shipped using Amazon’s delivery system. I see this as a good and bad thing.

The bad, you won’t be able to enjoy the convenience of one or two day shipping.

The good – the candy isn’t sitting on Amazon’s shelves for months. I don’t know how long berry blue AKA blue raspberry sour belts stay good?

For shipping time – You’re looking at between one week and even up to two in some cases for delivery.

Here’s where it gets a bit crazy.

About 5 days after I ordered the sour berry blue belts, I got a text message from UPS (via Amazon?) that said they had picked up the package and it would be delivered in two days. Sure enough, a UPS van pulls up and hand delivers…my sour berry blue belts!

So I’m not sure how the delivery estimate can start out with a 1-2 week estimate, but then end up with UPS delivering it. Maybe they delivered it for the last stretch of the journey? Not sure, but that can’t have been very cost effective for Amazon over a $30 purchase.

Either way, it took about a week. The bubble pockets that were put into the cardboard box to protect the sour berry blue belts box were both completely flat, a testament to it’s rough transit maybe?

I had seen photos from other people that had received their sour blue raspberry candy with a broken plastic box and sugar everywhere. I was good though! Phew.

Presentation & Packaging

The candy came in a standard Amazon box and the contents were not identifiable from the outside.

The plastic tub seals pretty good – not airtight – but tight. If the worst happens and it rains or snows on the box, the candy will be ok. It’s a bit too big for a mailbox, though.

I was wondering how the belts would be packaged and sealed, especially to prevent tampering and just general peace of mind.

If you look around the top edge of the container, where it meets the lid, there’s a plastic tamper tab that you have to break before the lid will open.

Tamper evident tab sealed on a new box of sour berry blue belts
The plastic tamper evident tab that holds the lid down unsealed

The lid fits snugly back on too, so it’ll keep the sour berry blue belts fresh. I’d recommend taking some and vacuum sealing them for enjoying later, if you can. There’s A LOT.

SOUR POWER Berry Blue Raspberry Belts

The plastic tub does its job and both protects the candy and keeps it fresh. It’s not setup like a gift box or anything fancy. It’s more functional than formal.



It’s the perfect balance of tartness, sour, juicy, berry deliciousness.

SOUR POWER Berry Blue Raspberry Belts

I’m not sure if I would do anything to change the recipe to be honest. Awesome blue raspberry flavor.

It is artificial unfortunately, some natural berry juice would have been great to see. But, they did a great job with the flavor on these sour berry blue belts.

SOUR POWER Berry Blue Raspberry Belts

First you taste a sweetness that somehow morphs and blends into a wave of sour juicy lush berry flavor. It’s like you’re eating a bushel of ripe blue raspberries. I’d be first in line to buy a plant if it existed for sure.

One awesome thing about the sour belts is that the juicy berry flavor stays in your mouth for a while after you’re done. It’s like you just drank some strawberry juice and it’s coated your lips with a sweet blueberry raspberry combo. Super delish.

The sour berry blue belts come with a cute little mini tongs, perfect if you are planning a party and having a candy bar maybe. I use them on my own anyway to feel like I’m back at the candy shop for nostalgia. They work great!

SOUR POWER Berry Blue Raspberry Belts

Yep, they’ve really balanced the sweetness and sourness perfectly. It’s almost just about too much sourness….but then….this avalanche of juicy berry sweetness just covers everything.

If you are a blue raspberry fan, you have to taste these.

Value For Money

I like to check that the money you pay gets you good value back. Even with sour berry blue belts!

So, let’s see. The price of this box of 150 sour berry belts is good value, especially with free delivery.

Let’s look at the competitors:

  • Smarty Stop Sour Gummy Candy Strips (link)
  • Candy Club Gourmet Gummy Blue Razz Sour Belts (link)
  • Sour Belts By It’s Delish (link)

It sits about average priced amongst the sellers on Amazon that were offering larger quantities one pound and up.

The product that you receive is high quality and fresh. When candy is sitting on a shelf for too long it dries out and starts to get hard. The longer it sits, the harder it gets and the flavor dies too.

With these sour berry blue belts, they’re super fresh. I can tell – aside from just tasting it – because they are super floppy and do not hold up rigid at all. Stale candy belts become stiff and break when you try and bend them into a circle. I could tie these in knots without any breakage.

SOUR POWER Berry Blue Raspberry Belts - with lid
SOUR POWER Berry Blue Raspberry Belts

So you’re getting a reasonably priced product that’s high quality, fresh and totally lives up to the advertisement. My only grumble is that there wasn’t a splash of anything natural in it. Oh hang on I think there was water and sugar of course!

I think you get great value for money.

Especially since the delivery is free – it’s over 2.5lbs.

It wasn’t the fastest delivery, but it got to me in one piece, tastes good and will stay good for a while. I think it would be perfect for a party or event.

Gift Ready

So the sour berry blue belts are packed inside an Amazon box and the box doesn’t reveal it’s contents.

You can also include a gift note for free when checking out on Amazon.

It’s a shame you can’t select gift wrapping as an additional option, but I think it’s ready to gift for a fun treat.

SOUR POWER Berry Blue Raspberry Belts

The plastic tray the sour berry blue belts come in is fun and I think you could get away with sending someone this candy directly.

Wrapping the candy tray (and adding a bow of course) would be perfect, though, but if that’s not possible, use Amazon’s gift note feature and have them include it in the delivery box.

Another very giftable feature of these belts are the fact that there’s so many!

Perfect for families with kids (or adults that have taste buds like kids). There’s a ton of candy and you could use it for goodie bags, add one or two into school lunch for fun and a bit of a change.


The sour berry blue belts from Sour Power are awesome. They look great and taste great. You get good value for money and delivery is free.

My one issue was with the delivery and confusion on when the candy would be delivered. The candy did get here and was in one piece, but perhaps I’m spoiled by Amazon’s real time delivery tracking.

Other than that, I can’t really fault these sour berry blue belts. The taste is amazing with the perfect sweet to sour balance.

SOUR POWER Berry Blue Raspberry Belts

Blue Raspberry fan? Buy these.

Need an affordable birthday gift for a blue raspberry candy fan? Buy these.

I’m off to make sure all the sour belts in the container are equally as delicious for research.

Buy these now on Amazon here.

Excellent flavor
Mouth watering flavor, generous quantity and free delivery, although lengthy. 7.4
Shipping 7 out of 10
Presentation 6 out of 10
Taste 9.5 out of 10
Value For Money 9.5 out of 10
Gift Ready 5 out of 10
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