Top 7 Gourmet Chocolate Cakes You Can Have Delivered To Any Doorstep

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You have an awesome choice of chocolate cakes available that are able to be shipped to (almost) any doorstep in America.

If you’re looking for a classic chocolate birthday cake or a super indulgent brownie explosion cheesecake, I’ve put together this ultimate list so you can find what you’re looking for fast.

In A Rush?
  • Chocolate lovers – get THIS from Bake Me A Wish
  • Cheesecake lovers – get THIS from Junior’s
  • No-fail guaranteed win chocolate cake – get THIS from Milk Bar

Bake Me A Wish!

Top rated

This cake from Bake Me A Wish! is completely covered in not just one, but three layers of gourmet chocolate fondant icing.

Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake

The ultimate chocolate lovers cake. 3 layers of chocolate await engulfing a moist brownie cake inside.

About: Perhaps the most chocolaty-est cake ever. Everything that could be chocolate…is chocolate.

It’s showered with chocolate shavings and drizzled in milk and dark chocolate glazed. Chocolate overload!

From the chocolate crumb base to the drizzles of chocolate as a finishing touch. It’s 7-inches in diameter, serves 6-8 people and is certified kosher. This is a chocolate cake for those that absolutely love the stuff. I’m in.

best gourmet chocolate cakes for delivery - bake me a wish triple chocolate enrobed brownie cake
Triple chocolate enrobed brownie cake

What do the reviews say?: 66 people have rated this cake an average of 4.5 out of 5. It’s been tried and tested!

My son is no doubt a chocolate all the way purist. When I asked him how he liked it, his response was, Waaaaaay too good!


Price: It’s $45

Shipping & Delivery: You’ve got a few choices.

  • 2-day (Wednesday-Friday Ship) – $14.99
  • Overnight – $19.99
  • Overnight Saturday arrival is also available for a bit extra.

More Info & Order: Check out more details for this triple chocolate enrobed brownie cake on the Bake Me A Wish! website.


Junior’s Cheesecake

Legendary cheesecake from NYC

Famous cheesecake makers Junior’s have this amazing chocolate dream cheesecake that promises to take you to a sugar coated chocolate heaven.

Chocolate Dream Cheesecake

Three varieties of chocolate cake in one. White chocolate cheesecake, milk chocolate mousse and dark chocolate cake.

About: With a name like chocolate dream, this had better be something amazing! We think it is, Junior’s have included three types of chocolate in this cake.

First, they take their famous original new york cheesecake and blend it with milky white chocolate. It’s sandwiched between layers of milk chocolate mousse and dark chocolate cake.

best gourmet chocolate cakes for delivery - Juniors - triple chocolate enrobed brownie cake

They aren’t done there, with rich chocolate ganache and a border of white chocolate frosting topping this masterpiece, I’m not sure what else they could have done to make it more chocolatey-er.

Prices: It’s $50.95

Shipping & Delivery: Shipping is a flat rate of $15 and cakes are shipped 2-day.

More Info & Order: Get more info and order this cake from Junior’s website here.


Milk Bar

Top Rated

More than 1,000 reviews and many more satisfied customers, Milk Bar makes some of the best selling cakes you can get delivered to almost any doorstep, like this beauty.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

A classic chocolate cake with chocolate chips, frosting, dough crumbs and rainbow sprinkles. Best seller.

About: If you’re shopping for a birthday or other celebration, this classic chocolate birthday cake might just be the ticket.

Simply made with high quality ingredients, there’s moist chocolate cake with chocolate chips and layered with velvety smooth and creamy birthday frosting.

They add crunchy birthday crumbs and rainbow sprinkles for a finishing touch.

best gourmet chocolate cakes for delivery - milk bar chocolate cake
Milk Bar Chocolate Cake

What do the reviews say?: This cake is one of the highest reviewed cakes we’ve ever seen. Currently at 1,300 reviews (as of publishing this article), it’s got an average review of 4/5 stars. You’re in good hands with this cake!

Prices: $50 for a 6-inch version. There’s a 10-inch version but it’s currently sold out and pricing wasn’t available.

Shipping & Delivery: A flat rate fee of $15 applies to shipping the cakes.

More Info & Order: Order this cake, see the reviews and more info on the Milk Bar website here.


Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Big cake!

Currently the best selling German chocolate cake we’ve found online, this luxury cake is made by Savannah’s Candy Kitchen and tastes as good as it looks!

German Chocolate Cake

Rich, moist layers of German chocolate cake are hand frosted with premium coconut filled icing. Chocolate ganache drizzle on top!

About: A classic at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, this German chocoalte layer cake is hand frosted with decadent coconut-filled icing and elegantly crosshatched with rich luxurious chocolate ganache drizzle.

Savannah’s mentions that despite the German name, this cake is a Southern classic.

best gourmet chocolate cakes for delivery - savannahs candy kitchen - german chocolate cake
Savannah’s Candy Kitchen German Chocolate Cake

What do the reviews say?: 142 people have given this cake an average of 5/5 stars

Prices: $79.95

Shipping & Delivery: Shipping is free!

More Info & Order: Get more information and order this cake on the Savannah’s Candy Kitchen website.


Junior’s Cheesecake


Junior’s has some amazing cheesecakes for chocolate lovers. This one is filled with mounds of home made chocolate mousse – you really can’t go wrong with this beauty.

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

NY cheesecake topped with fluffy chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and chocolate chips. Huge cake!

About: Maybe they should have called this a tuxedo cheesecake. On the bottom – Junior’s legendary classic cheesecake, on top, dollops of their creamy whipped chocolate mousse.

Cover the whole thing with chocolate ganache and roll in chocolate chips. It’s a work of art that’s waiting to be devoured!

best gourmet chocolate cakes for delivery - Junior's Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake
Junior’s Chocoalte Mousse Cheesecake

Prices: $50.95

Shipping & Delivery: $15

More Info & Order: See more information and order this on the Junior’s website here.


Junior’s Cheesecake

Junior’s is a legendary cheesecake maker

Devil’s Food Cheesecake

Layers of rich chocolate cake, fudge frosting and an avalanche of chocolate chips and shavings. Featured on Food Network!

What’s devil’s food? Have you heard of Angel food cake or Yellow food cake? This is the chocolate counterpart.

Devil’s food usually incorporates unsweetened chocolate baking squares in lieu of unsweetened cocoa powder. You’ll get a deep, rich and moist chocolate taste that’s balanced by the creamy white New York cheesecake.

best gourmet chocolate cakes for delivery - juniors devils food cheesecake
Junior’s Devil’s Food Cheesecake

Prices: It’s $50.95

Shipping & Delivery: Shipping is a flat rate of $15.

More Info & Order: Get more information and order this cake from the Junior’s website here.


Bake Me A Wish!

Top Rated

Bake Me A Wish! has this chocolate mousse torte cake to tempt your tastebuds! If you love dark chocolate, this is the chocolate cake to get!

Chocolate Mousse Torte Cake

Chocolate whipped cream mousse, rich chocolate cake, milk chocolate frosting and dark chocolate glaze. Chocolate OVERLOAD!

About: To make this delicious dark chocolate treat, the bakers make two rich chocolate layer cakes and fill them with velvety whipped chocolate cream mousse. They cover the whole cake with milk chocolate frosting and finish with a dark chocolate glaze.

To finish, they add fudge rosettes and dark chocolate shavings.

It even includes a greeting card and comes in a really nice gift box.

best gourmet chocolate cakes for delivery - bake me a wish - chocolate mousse torte cake
Bake Me A Wish Chocolate Mousse Torte Cake

What do the reviews say?: 82 people have rated this cake an average of 4/5 stars.

Prices: It’s $48

Shipping & Delivery: Delivery is $19.99 for overnight, but they do have 2-day options. If you prefer a Saturday delivery, you can choose that also.

More Info & Order: To get more info and order this cake, see it on the Bake Me A Wish! website here.


These are the best 7 chocolate cakes that you can have delivered to pretty much any doorstep in America.

Depending on how chocolate-y you want to go, you could opt for Junior’s Chocolate Dream Cheesecake or Bake Me A Wish’s chocolate mousse torte.

Be sure to check out TreatBuyer’s catalog to see all the choices of chocolate cake you have!

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