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Molasses puffs combine a golden honeycomb toffee center with rich smooth milk chocolate.

This combo is a really popular candy treat in England, where chocolate giant Cadbury’s make it into candy bars and called “Crunchie“.

Aussies call their version of molasses candy bars “Violet Crumble“. You can find these candy bars almost everywhere from corner stores to vending machines.

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Some people call it sponge candy or honeycomb sponge or even seafoam candy.

It’s got a lot of names!

It’s all the same idea and definitely a unique combo if you haven’t tried them before, but make no mistake – they’re delicious.

In the states, you probably won’t find molasses candy at convenience stores or gas stations. But don’t worry, you can get some amazing gourmet molasses puffs delivered right to your door from a multitude of confectioners online.

Let’s check out the best places online that deliver molasses puffs or sponge candy nationwide.



A customer favorite for generations

Traditional Molasses Puffs

Consistently high quality molasses puffs

If you’re looking for a place that makes high quality molasses puffs or sponge candy that have been perfected over decades, you should definitely check out Bissinger’s. They’ve been making handcrafted confections since the 1600’s in France and in America since the mid 1800’s.

They’re offering milk or dark chocolate molasses puffs that are delivered in Bissinger’s signature gold and white gift box.

The molasses sponge candy is enrobed in super thick chocolate that blends with the golden sponge toffee perfectly. Did you see how thick it is?

If you check out the reviews of these molasses puffs, you can’t help but noticed that one after another, people are raving about them. They’re extra popular during the holidays and are often gifted as a birthday present.

The cost is the same for both the milk chocolate molasses puffs and the dark chocolate molasses puffs, but heads up – the shipping can be a bit of a shocker at $13.95+. Bissinger’s uses UPS to ship their treats.

You can choose between three shipping speeds – UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS Next Day Air. Of course you’ll end up spending a good chunk of change on next day shipping, but if you need these molasses puffs to be somewhere ASAP (late birthday gift?) you can choose fast shipping.

BUY: Check out more information about Bissinger’s and order your own milk or dark chocolate molasses puffs on their website here.



Fast & Free Delivery With Prime Shipping

On Amazon
Premium milk or dark chocolate sponge candy with gift box.

While Bissinger’s is a great idea if you’re thinking about gifting molasses puffs or sponge candy, you might want something a little more affordable, but still high quality.

Enter the mighty Amazon!

They’ve got some awesome choices for molasses puffs from a number of excellent confectioners. Here are the best ones that you should see. Most offer free delivery and some even ship with Amazon’s super convenient Prime (free) 2-day shipping.

I had to show you this.

It’s insanely popular and made by a company that specializes in molasses puffs (or sponge candy).

These are melt in your mouth treats that feature crispy sponge candy, enrobed in rich, smooth and creamy milk chocolate.

Something we haven’t seen offered by many other confectioners are different flavors of sponge candy.

Milk and dark chocolate molasses puffs are available in a few places, but this treat from is also offered in orange chocolate and peanut butter.

Now, it’s not just a bit of peanut butter flavoring that they sprinkle on, they actually dip the sponge candy in real peanut butter before completely smothering it with their thick chocolate.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - amazon sponge

They’re so good that Food Network Magazine even selected their sponge candy to represent New York in their Sweets from Every State article.

To be fair, I wouldn’t have expected anything less as they’ve been perfecting sponge candy since 1938. That’s a lot of time to learn what to do…and what NOT to do!

Check out some of the reviews, people love the taste and while some people didn’t have much luck when the sponge candy met heat during the summer months, Sponge Candy Co were quick to respond and replaced or refunded the item.

BUY: Check out more information about and their sponge candy offerings on their Amazon page here.


Andy Anand

#1 Eco-Friendly & Sustainably Farmed Sponge Candy

Milk & Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Sponge Candy

On Amazon
Gift box and greeting card included

We’ve featured chocolates from Andy Anand in a few articles here on Treat Buyer. They’re recommended to check out if you’re looking for dark chocolate truffles and dark chocolate covered almonds.

Something that sets this confectionery company apart from it’s peers is that they source and farm their cacao from their own location in Brazil.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - Andy Anand

Nothing is mass produced in a factory, it’s all made with hands on care to make sure you get a delicious treat that you’re excited to share with your family.

The crunchy honeycomb sponge candy is covered in fine Belgian milk & dark chocolate. You’ll get a mixture of both in the one-pound box.

This would be a good choice for a gift, as the honeycomb sponge you’ll also get a really nice greeting card that has your personalized message printed on it.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - Andy Anand greeting card

The honeycomb sponge candy comes packaged in a gift box, too. Really, all you need to do is think of a fun greeting card message and use bill-to ship-to and send someone special a really delicious treat!

Andy Anand guarantees that the chocolates will arrive fresh. They typically make chocolates over the weekend and ship them out to Amazon’s warehouses every Monday.

The recipe was originally created by Andy Anand’s grandmother where sneaking a couple of pieces of this treat became an unofficial tradition.

BUY: Check out more information about Andy Anand and order your own honeycomb sponge candy on their Amazon page here.


Bonds of London

Ships fast with Amazon Prime

Chocolate Honeycomb Candy

On Amazon
Most affordable option. Individually packaged.

The last molasses puffs I have to show you from Amazon are these really affordable chocolate honeycomb treats from long-time confectioner Bonds of London.

They’re made in the UK and imported to Amazon’s warehouses across the nation. You don’t have to pay any shipping if you’re a Primer member and they’ll get to most places in America within 2-days of ordering for free.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - bonds of London

These might not be the best option for gifting on their own – you’ll get a bag instead of a gift box – but it would make a fun and unique gift any time of year.

Bonds of London have been creating gourmet sweets like these since 1895 and are known for their high quality and featuring favorite treats from your childhood years.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online -  bonds of London

BUY: Check out more information about Bonds of London and order your own honeycomb candy or molasses puffs on their Amazon page here.


Great price and good quality

Milk Chocolate Sponge Candy

Best Value Vs Quality

If you haven’t checked out yet, you have to see the huge range of excellent, high quality treats they offer. We’ve featured them quite a bit on Treat Buyer – in all sorts of top lists – like dark chocolate almonds, marzipan candies and chocolate nonpareils.

They offer a lot for your money and more often than not you’ll find hundreds of ratings verifying that their treats are darn tasty!

For their sponge candy you can get a 1-pound bag for $15.99. They have everything that a good chocolate seafoam or sponge candy should have – a crunchy rich sponge toffee inside that’s completely wrapped in a thick chocolate shell. They have the same crunch you’d get from a butterfinger candy bar.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online -

Reviewers loved the taste, how the molasses puffs were packaged and that it really hit the spot and are, “exactly what [they were] looking for”.

If you’re wondering how much sponge candy you’ll get in a one-pound bag, it’s about 48 pieces. also allows you to buy in bulk, so just for fun I wondered how much sponge candy I could get shipped to my home. It turns out that you can buy a 20lb case for just shy of $270!


BUY: Check out more information about and order your own sponge candy – or molasses puffs – on their page here.



Great variety from small businesses nationwide

Jackie’s Chocolate Shop

Buy more…Save more.

Etsy is absolutely amazing for finding small businesses that make high quality treats, and they’ll deliver it to doorsteps all over America.

Jackie’s Chocolate Shop offers these dark chocolate sea sponge candies made from pure, simple ingredients that shine with every bite.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - Etsy jackies chocolate

You can also save money by buying more – pick up a 2lb box and save 10%, or pick up a 3lb box and save 21%.

Jackie’s Chocolate Shop has a few other items on Etsy, like their milk chocolate coconut creams. If you buy these and the dark chocolate seafoam candy, your order ships for free.

BUY: Check out more information about Jackie’s Chocolate Shop and order your own dark chocolate seafoam candies on their Etsy page here.


Princess Treats Shoppe

Great value

Milk Chocolate Sponge Candy

Chocolate kissed sponge candy

All of the candies from Princess Treats Shoppe are made fresh to order and shipped out fast so you can enjoy these classic treats at the peak of their flavor.

It’s made with care in small batches and all the pieces are hand cut, so you won’t get factory-made mass produced junk!

Buyers are raving about the flavor and how the sponge candy arrived in great condition. You might have noticed that the previous recommendations that you’ve seen all have quite a thick coating of chocolate – thicker than you’d find on most enrobed treats like dark chocolate covered almonds or cherries.

This Etsy shop, however, only covers it’s sponge candy in a thin layer of milk chocolate so you can enjoy the crisp melt-in-your-mouth sponge candy on the inside.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - princess treat shoppe

If you’re looking to reminisce and need a treat to bring back those fond childhood memories, you might want to check this one out.

BUY: Check out more information about Princess Treats Shoppe and order your own sponge candy for delivery on their Etsy page here.


Star’s Candy Factory

Traditionally Made

Traditional Honeycomb Candy

Choose from 3 sponge candy flavors

The last Etsy shop I’d love to show you is called Star’s Candy Factory.

They offer three flavors of honeycomb candy – traditional, peanut butter and cinnamon. You can also choose a mixed bag that contains all three.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - stars candy factory traditional

Over 350+ people have reviewed these molasses puffs, earning it a straight 5-stars. Reviewers love the fast shipping, the light and airy honeycomb and that you’re able to choose between three delicious flavors or a mixture of all 3 if you want.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - stars candy factory peanut butter

If you spend $35 or more at Star’s Candy Factory, you’ll also enjoy free shipping. It’s not hard to do! Check out their crystal rock cookies or out of this world meringue mushrooms!

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - stars candy factory cinnamon

BUY: Check out more information about Star’s Candy Factory and order your own honeycomb candy on their Etsy page here.


Mrs. Cavanaugh’s

Giftable Honeycomb Candy

Seafoam Honeycomb Chocolate

Free gift wrapping available

So as I’ve been researching for this article, I’ve come across a ton of different names for these treats. They are all the same thing:

  • Seafoam Candy
  • Sponge Toffee
  • Cinder Toffee
  • Honeycomb Toffee
  • Sponge Candy

Mrs. Cavanaugh’s offers milk and dark chocolate seafoam candy or you can even get a combo of milk (65%) and dark (35%) seafoam candy.

A nice feature about shopping at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s is the option to have the treats gift wrapped for free. You’ve got several occasions to choose from:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Just because (male and female versions)
  • Thank You
  • Valentines Day

You can even submit a short message to be included in a gift card that will be shipped with the seafoam candy.

Reviewers love the freshness of the candy and brought back fond childhood memories of when grandma used to make the toffee in her home.

Check out the size of this bowl! They’re pouring out the seafoam candy onto a table so it can cool.

BUY: Check out more information about Mrs. Cavanaughs and order your own box of seafoam candy for delivery on their website here.


Kandy Korner

Best plain seafoam candy

Old Fashioned Puff Candy

The best place to buy plain, old fashioned molasses puffs

Maybe you don’t need a ton of puffed molasses candy (AKA sponge candy), but know someone that would love a pick-me-up with a delicious treat. Check out Kandy Korner and their top rated and affordable bag of old fashioned puff candy.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - Kandy korner

It’s home made in small batches and has a light molasses taste to it. Reviewers love the quality and how it’s made tastes exactly like they remember it from their childhood.

During the summer, Kandy Korner adds ice packs to it’s shipping boxes to make sure the molasses puffs get to you in great condition and ready to be enjoyed. One reviewer even commented that they have, “been eating old fashioned puff [candy] for 55 years and this is original”.

55 years of candy eating experience is hard to knock!

BUY: Check out more information about Kandy Korner and order your own bag of sponge candy on their website here.


Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company

Great company name and tasty treats!

Molasses Puffs

They use a sponge candy recipe handed down by generations of master confectioners.

I love the name of this company!

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company have been perfecting treats like their molasses puffs since 1981.

Their recipe has been handed down from generations of candy makers and you’ll get to try a box all to yourself…or a lucky someone else.

If you’ve ever tried to make sponge candy or molasses puffs yourself, you’ll know how difficult it can be. You need to heat the molasses to a very high temperature in very small batches and stir it by hand in copper kettles.

This gourmet candy company has been creating these treats for almost 40 years and they’re known for their quality to anyone that passes through their retail stores.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - chocolate chocolate chocolate company

Interestingly, the recipe Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate uses for their molasses puffs is sourced from the Mavrarkos recipe book. John Mavrakos settled in St. Louis in 1904 and opened a candy shop. His recipes were a closely guarded secret for decades….and now you can try it for yourself – delivered to your door, directly from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate.

BUY: Check out more information about Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate and order your own molasses puffs on their website here.


Napa Valley Chocolate Co

Great idea for gifting

Chocolate Sponge Candy

Packaged in a signature gift box.

The final place you should check out when shopping for molasses puffs or sponge candy is Napa Valley Chocolate Co.

They’re offering small-batch made, crispy, crunchy caramelized bites that are delicious with your favorite tea, coffee or just a glass of ice cold milk.

The sponge candy is smothered in rich Belgian chocolate that’s always sustainably farmed and the cane sugar is 100% organic. Everything is made to order so you only get the freshest taste and just the right SNAP when you take your first bite.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - Napa valley chocolate co

You can choose between a pound of milk chocolate, dark chocolate or a combo of half a pound of each chocolate.

Reviewers rave about these molasses puffs, saying that they have the, “best texture, best chocolate [and] best presentation”. If you’re hunting for sponge candy that’s easy to bite into and melts in your mouth, this might just be it.

Places That Deliver The Best Molasses Puffs & Sponge Candy Online - Napa valley chocolate co

Napa Valley Chocolate Co packages their gourmet molasses puffs in their signature gold foil stamped gift box – it’s ready to gift!

BUY: Check out more information about Napa Valley Chocolate Co and order your own molasses puffs on their website here.


You’ve got some great options online when it comes to shopping for the best molasses puffs.

Some people call them sponge candy, some call them sea foam candy and some call them honeycomb candy. It’s all the same and you have the pick of the bunch with any of the recommendations you’ve seen today.

One of the best places to get molasses puffs online is from Bissinger’s. They’ve been in the confectionary business since the mid 1800’s in America and have perfected their molasses puffs into a top notch treat.

Most places I researched for this articled offered a choice of chocolate and Bissinger’s is no different. Choose between milk or dark chocolate – I think dark chocolate works better to balance the caramelized sponge toffee.

Bissinger’s packages it’s sponge candy in their signature gold embossed gift box, and it’s ready to be gifted right away.

For the most convenient molasses puff shopping option, head to the mighty Amazon.

It still amazes me at the items you can find on Amazon’s website and the almost ridiculous number of reviews that accompany them.

People love this sponge candy! offers it’s treats through Amazon’s Prime, so you can enjoy fast shipping to most places in America.

You have a choice of 4 flavors from – milk chocolate, dark chocolate orange chocolate and peanut butter chocolate. There weren’t many places I found that offered more exotic molasses puffs, so this might be a good choice if you want a little adventure and to try something new.

Andy Anand has been featured a few times on Treat Buyer and they also make milk and dark chocolate honeycomb sponge. It’s also shipped through Amazon Prime and earned a good rating. A unique feature of Andy Anand’s treats is that the cacao used in it’s chocolate is grown on a farm owned by Andy Anand in Brazil. This means they grow, source, process and package their treats all by themselves. They can keep a close eye on quality and make sure that their candy is created sustainably.

If you’re shopping for a gift, Andy Anand will also include a greeting card with your personalized message printed out. This confectioner is ready to send it’s treats anywhere in America. All you have to do is click that order button.

Our recommendation for best value goes to You can’t beat their prices Vs quality. Currently rated 4/5 by 170+ people, offers a 1-pound bag of sponge candy (aka molasses puffs) for just $15.99. You won’t get a pretty gift box like Andy Anand, it’ll be a bag, but if you aren’t shopping for a gift – just for yourself – I’d definitely give a look.

Etsy is often overlooked for sweet treats, but they have a bunch of awesome small businesses that sell all types of goodies through their Etsy shops.

One to check out is Jackie’s Chocolate Shop. Their seafoam candies are priced fair at $25 and if you buy their molasses puffs and another item from their shop – like their milk chocolate coconut creams, you’ll enjoy free shipping.

A lot of the molasses puffs or sponge candies have a really thick layer of chocolate covering the outside. If you’d prefer a thinner covering of chocolate – check out Mrs. Cavanaugh’s. You can still choose between milk and dark chocolate seafoam candy or get a combo of each.

You’ll also be setup for gifting, as Mrs. Cavanaugh’s will gift wrap the treats for free depending on the occasion you choose like birthdays, anniversaries, a thank you gift or just because.

If you don’t want any chocolate at all on. your molasses puffs, then go visit Kandy Korner and their old fashioned puff candy. It’s completely naked and made in small batches to ensure the quality remains high. It’s got the blessings of many reviewers, some with over 50 years of sponge candy eating experience!

No matter which molasses puffs or sponge candy you choose, I hope you love what you receive and come back to Treat Buyer to check out even more top notch treats.

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