6 Top Rated Bakeries That Will Deliver Gourmet Apple Pies Straight To Your Home

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If you’re looking for a bakery that will deliver a gourmet fresh apple pie to someone, this article is for you.

You’re spoiled for choices! Maybe you are looking for a traditional American style apple pie? Or perhaps one with a more southern flare?

You’ll find those and more in this list of best selling apple pies for home delivery – all that can be delivered pretty much anywhere in mainland America.


Harry & David

Reliable Quality And Delivery

American Style Apple Pie

An American classic that’s filled with juicy apples, rich butter and flavorful cinnamon spice. 30+ Reviews.

It wouldn’t be right to start off this article without the ultimate American classic apple pie. Harry & David have perfected the recipe and the 30+ reviews speak for themselves with a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

Bakeries That Deliver Apple Pies Straight To Your Home -  harry and david american style apple pie

The flaky crust holds a delicious blend of apples, fresh butter and spiced cinnamon. Reviewers rave about the quality, with one commenting how their whole house smelled of “the best apple pie ever”.

Sounds like a winner to me! 👍

See more information and order this top rated apple pie on the Harry & David website here.


Bake Me A Wish!

Top rated

Country Apple Pie

Apples, cinnamon and brown sugar overfilled into a golden flakey crust. Americana in a pie.

Simply made – a light and flaky crust with tender apples, cinnamon and sweet brown sugar.

It’s baked to perfection and is heavenly with a scoop of your favorite ice cream.

Bakeries That Deliver Apple Pies Straight To Your Home - bake me a wish country apple pie

The pie is certified Kosher dairy and comes with a delivery guarantee – if it’s not shipped and delivered on time, they’ll refund the shipping cost back to you.

One extra thing to note about Bake Me A Wish! is that they have a special Operation Birthday Cake program that partners with the US military and sends them birthday cakes whilst they are serving overseas.

For more information and to order this apple pie, check out the Bake Me A Wish! website here.


Traverse Pie Company

Delicious juicy apples

Peninsula Apple Crumb Pie

Apples picked ripe, tossed with warm cinnamon, sweet sugar and toasty crumb topping.

Named after the many peninsulas in Northern Michigan, this top rated apple pie is filled with Michigan orchard picked and sun-ripened Northern Spy Apples.

Bakeries That Deliver Apple Pies Straight To Your Home - traverse pie company - apple in orchard
Northern Spry Apples

They toss the apples with cinnamon and sugar and is finished with Grand Traverse Pie Co’s signature toasty crumb topping.

Reviewers comment how delicious and fresh the pie is, with one even saying it’s better than his grandmother’s used to be.

Now that’s a compliment.

Bakeries That Deliver Apple Pies Straight To Your Home - traverse pie company apple pie

See more information and order this pie on the Grand Traverse Pie Company’s website here.


Southern Baked Pie Company

Locally grown apples

Apple Pie

Master bakers handmake their signature all-butter crust and fill it with spices and locally grown apples.

If you’re looking for a taste of the south, this apple pie by Southern Baked Pie Co would be perfect with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

The apples for this pie are locally grown and harvested and the signature all-butter crust is handmade. A warm cinnamon blend of spices is added to bring out the best flavor of the apples.

Bakeries That Deliver Apple Pies Straight To Your Home - southern baked pie company apple pie
Southern Baked Pie Co

Each pie is 10 inches and serves 8-10 people.

For more information and to order this pie, see this page on the Southern Baked Pie Co’s website.


McKenzie Limited

Top Rated

Apple Pie

#1 Apple Pie voted by the Wall Street Journal

This is not just an ordinary apple pie, no…it’s the apple pie that was voted number one by the Wall Street Journal.

I’m not 100% how financial people ended up judging apple pies?

It’s a simple recipe, but delicious. They’ve added mounds of juicy, sweet-tart apple slices and put them in a crumbly old-fashioned sugared crust.

It’s different than other pies mentioned in this article as they make the unique broken topping from baking the pie in a brown paper bag – that’s included!

Bakeries That Deliver Apple Pies Straight To Your Home - mckenzie limited apple pie

It really brings out the rustic theme of the pie and makes it have a home-made feel. It’ll serve up to 8 people and is a substantial three pounds.

For more information and to order this pie, see this page on the Mackenzie Limited website.


Soulfully Yours Bakery

Freshly ground spices

Apple Pie

Stuffed full of ripe Granny Smith apples, freshly ground spices and a flaky buttery golden crust.

Each pie at Soulfully Yours Bakery is made to order, just like they should be. You’ll receive a fresh gourmet apple pie that’s pre-baked and can be served right from your oven.

They use hand picked granny smith apples and freshly ground spices for the yummy filling. The crust is a deep dish style and is tender, flaky and buttery golden. It’s got that home made feel to it.

This pie is even bigger than the last one from Mackenzie Limited – coming in at a hefty 4 pounds and 9 inches across.

Plenty of pie for everyone to enjoy!

Bakeries That Deliver Apple Pies Straight To Your Home - soulfully yours bakery apple pie.

The apple pie comes in a signature gift box, perfect for shipping it to a family member for friend for their birthdays or special occasion.

For more information and to order this beauty, see this page on the Soulfully Yours Website.

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